Leveraging Your Moral Compass

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We can all imagine standing in the wilderness, holding a compass close, looking for north. Your personal compass may look more like a religion, morality, tradition, family, or a social identity. A moral compass exists “outside-of-self” and is very stable (neither relative to circumstances nor quick to change). When you need something to remind you of the difference between right and wrong, you turn to the compass.

Employee Validation

Listen, discover, and reflect

Employee Validation Listen. Discover. Reflect Last updated March 17, 2020 by Jonathan Mills Validation is one of a few emotional concerns that are integral to a healthy employer-employee relationship. Employees regularly need it to help establish their value within a company, motivate a positive attitude, and manage feelings of isolation. When an employee is validated they are more productive, cooperative, trustworthy, …

“Konmari: The Art of Tidying Up” Workspace Edition

An attractive, well organized desk.

“Konmari: The Art of Tidying Up” Workspace Edition Posted on January 14, 2019 by Laura Mills While most people are applying Marie Kondo’s method of Konmari to their homes, it is just as important to tidy up one’s workspace. Whether it’s a corner office, cubicle, or kitchen table, your workspace can see the benefit of Komari. Konmari emphasizes “Joy” as …

Competing in an Employee’s Market

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Competing in an Employee’s Market Posted on October 26, 2018 by Jonathan Mills This is an Employee’s Market As of September ‘18 the national unemployment rate is less than 4% (the lowest in almost twenty years). Job candidates are more likely than ever to have their pick of opportunities, which means that employers have less power over the negotiation process …

3 Antifragile Strategies

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3 Antifragile Strategies Last updated on March 19, 2020 by Jonathan Mills Our corporate norm is to treasure stability. We call it “business as usual”, we fight for it, and most change management efforts aim to reach it as efficiently as possible. Moments of stability, however, are few and far between and it costs a great deal to maintain. Change …

Workplace Aggression: The Common Thread Between Workplace Issues

Steer Away, pop zebra

Workplace Aggression The Common Thread Between Workplace Issues Posted on September 11, 2018 by Jonathan Mills Workplace issues like turnover, miscommunication, or unethical behavior don’t occur in sequence. These issues overlap one another, often aggravating each other and forcing organizations to employ multiple responses in tandem. Increased attrition and bullying, for example, may occur at the same time but receive …

A New Management Paradigm

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A New Management Paradigm Updated on April 2, 2020 by Jonathan Mills Traditional management philosophy, generally characterized as variations of autocratic management, has many years of history under its belt. Those years have produced a great deal, including the success of many important people and organizations; but its strengths may not be congruent with modern culture. As the workforce changes, …

Exit Interview Tips

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Exit Interview Tips Posted on August 3, 2018 by Jonathan Mills The exit interview process is easy to forego. It costs time, creates stress, and obligates a response by leadership, so shortchanging this process is appealing; but the exit interview is your final interaction with an employee. It can reveal things about coworkers, supervisors, clients, the work environment, or that …

Creating a Culture of Communication

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Creating a Culture of Communication Posted on July 25, 2018 by Jonathan Mills Every organization is susceptible to experiencing the unexpected; because communication, which we often take for granted, can turn temporary hardship into a costly crisis. As an example, consider Average Joe’s Company. They have experienced recent growing pains: acquisition of another firm, graduation from the 8A program, and …

Comic Con Culture, an Illustration for the Workplace

SDCC Culture

Comic Con Culture, an Illustration for the Workplace Posted on July 20, 2018 by Chad Alexander This week, San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC) is being flooded with cosplayers, booths full of goodies, and anyone lucky enough to see the panels full of celebrities after standing in line for hours. Attendees dress in elegant costumes, and various halls are electric …