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“Konmari: The Art of Tidying Up” Workspace Edition

“Konmari: The Art of Tidying Up” Workspace Edition

Posted on January 14, 2019 by Laura Mills

While most people are applying Marie Kondo’s method of Konmari to their homes, it is just as important to tidy up one’s workspace. Whether it’s a corner office, cubicle, or kitchen table, your workspace can see the benefit of Komari.

Konmari emphasizes “Joy” as the catalyst for decluttering. Although you may not necessarily find joy in keeping tax documents or office supplies, instead focus on what will bring the most peace and benefit for your worklife, therefore sparking joy in your overall satisfaction.


Your paper needs vary greatly depending on your occupation. Generally speaking, many documents and papers can be digitized and added to a cloud for easier access from multiple devices. The first step is to review the paper items around your desk and in your drawers. Next, categorize them into groups that make sense to your needs. For example, your desk drawer may have a pile of business cards, receipts, brochures, menus, conference agendas, etc. Now distinguish those items into three categories: Keep, Digitize, Discard. Items like business cards and receipts can be scanned and uploaded to your local network or to a cloud so you can access them from multiple devices. Items like menus and conference agendas are likely not worth storing long-term. Remaining items should have a specific destination like an accordion file folder or filing cabinet so they do not remain on your desk or loose in a drawer.


This category is the most difficult for me because I love photos and figurines that remind me of people or events in my life. Although it looks cluttered from those walking by, working in a colorful environment brings me joy. Through this process I have learned to strike a balance between colorful joy and clutter. Rather than having 12 figurines in a line by my monitor, I now have 3 of my most important and sentimental objects placed strategically throughout the room. Rather than a wall full of photos and thank you cards, I have placed most of them in a nice box and a few framed photos and a piece of art on my window sill. My desk looks more organized and I feel more at peace.


What ways have you been tidying up your world this year? Leave a comment with your tips and transformations!

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  1. This was great! I had an organized, but cluttered mess on my desk. I was constantly reshuffling things that could have easily been digitized… and had way too many Knick-knacks because I was trying to make the space more “friendly,” but really I was just knocking stuff over that didn’t need to be there in the first place. 🙈

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