Our offeringsMapping corporate culture.

Training + Workshops

The greatest barriers to progress are knowledge and understanding. We want to share our expertise with you in ways that empower and motivate your organization to take charge of Corporate Culture. These trainings and workshops will equip you with the techniques and tools you need to forge clear paths forward, seeing through pain-points like communication, trust, accountability, and more.


Taking an often nebulous subject like Corporate Culture and making sense of it can be a challenge. That is why we use proven methodologies (like the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument) to frame the discussion and create meaningful insights and clear direction. Our assessment becomes a guide-stone for future decisions, showing you how far you’ve come on the journey and just how far you still need to go.

Strategic Mapping

The optimal Corporate Culture strategy is built on an in-depth understanding of your organization’s values, beliefs, practices, and needs. Using proven systematic methodologies to grapple with your unique identity, we will clearly map your environment. We craft a short to long-term strategy that takes you from who you are TODAY to who you want to be TOMORROW. Our Agile approach to change gets us to our destination using smart, attainable goals, enjoying short, mid, and long-term benefits along the way.

The DetailsHow we accomplish our goals.

  • Step 1: Mapmaking

    Mapping your Corporate Culture is like exploring undiscovered country. We’ll explore your cultural landscape through systematic analyses and observation, in-depth dialogue, and purposeful employee feedback mechanisms. We’ll find both the broad strokes and the details that make up the character and personality of your organization. These are the things that drive your employees to think and work the way they do.

  • Step 2: Route Planning

    Once your culture has been mapped, we’ll create a vision for the future. Navigation is about drawing a path between where you are (Point A) and where you want to be (Point B). We’ll use strategies that are clear and measurable, taking advantages of your strengths and accounting for potential barriers and pitfalls.

  • Step 3: Journey

    Taking the Journey is about follow-through, one actionable step at a time. Your organization will encounter immediate benefits, as well as changes at 6-months and beyond. We’ll enjoy those benefits by executing, measuring, and regrouping throughout the journey. Our commitment to follow-through is matched by a tenacity for excellence.

  • Step 4: Retrospect

    Retrospect is a time to reflect on and celebrate what we’ve accomplished. We’ll review the success of our goals, discuss what worked (and what didn’t), and decide on next steps. This is our springboard for the next journey.